Is Yahoo getting too aggressiveness on a new Policy?

  • A yahoo business practices are legally not acceptable, or it should be reviewed by FTC . Were this company yahoo.com is forcing customers accept them a new business format, and making difficult or impossible to access them e-mail accounts, as is the case today 07/31/2012! When trying to access to two different e-mail accounts, I was told by yahoo massage box, as  yahoo.com to have right search my e-mails content, with following; “Accept or No Thanks” options boxes. Since I first choice to have “no thanks”, I was not able to access to my two main e-mail accounts. Coincidentally, I was able to access, but it happen after the fact my FCC complaint.
  • I did filed in wrong government authority, instead it needed to be addressed to; http://ftc.gov/index.shtml  “Your site for cross-border consumer complaints.”
  • I have done FCC written complaint and recommend as many as possible to follow the suit, here is the direct web address were it is possible to file official citizen complaint and were you can ask FCC to investigate this company legality in this matter ! I did correct as it should be filed to FTC,  http://ftc.gov/index.shtml
  • The direct link: http://ftc.gov/index.shtml

Thank you for everybody, do not wait, process right way and make sure this kind of company dictating policy doesn’t continue!

Henry Hyvarinen